Privacy Policy

Effective day: 08/05/2018

General Principles for Processing Data

The purpose of this policy is to describe the principles and practices that we follow at Fantasia Works Oy (hereinafter “Fantasia Works”) in order to guarantee the protection of our customers’ privacy, confidential communications and other legitimate interests. Fantasia Works updates this policy according to the development of its operations and services. We advise to check for the latest version regularly. By using our website, materials, and services you agree to this Privacy Policy of Fantasia Works, and give the consent for the collection, recording and using of your personal data as defined below and in the description of personal data files.

Fantasia Works is Finland’s leading company in the field of entertainment design and build. Fantasia Works processes personal data and other customer data in accordance with Finnish laws and decrees, along with authority regulations and instructions based on them. The basic principle of data protection regulations is that a data subject needs to be aware of the processing of his/her personal data, and that he/she has the right to have any errors in the data corrected and to give consent and revoke consents to particular types of processing of the personal data. In some cases the personal data needs to be completely deleted. 

The processing of personal data and other customer information at Fantasia Works is often based on a customer relationship, some other relevant connection or the given consent of the data subject. We may process data on other grounds as well, such as by an engagement made by you or reason of provisions laid down by law. Personal data can also be collected from selected external sources.

Personal data and other customer data are collected when using the website, downloading materials, and using contact forms placed on the website. When a user visits Fantasia Work's website, Fantasia Works obtains different anonymous data or data related to the use of the web browser, such IP address belonging to the operator or organisation and browsing history. Monitoring is based on the use of cookies or similar technologies, in this case the following software is Snoobi & Google Analytics. This data may be associated with a user only upon his or her consent. We collect personal or contact information on potential customers when someone visits our website, downloads our materials, interact with our Facebook Page or contacts us directly. The data is stored in our permanent direct marketing register and processed in accordance with the description of personal data file.

Customer Communication and Direct Marketing

Customer communication here means the communication that is required in maintaining customer relationships. Fantasia Works may inform of the situation regarding our services, their continuity or changes without prior consent being required.

According to Finnish Tietoyhteiskuntakaari 917/2014 (Information Society Code), direct marketing implemented via automated calling systems, and e-mails, SMSs, voice mails, voice messages and image messages may be targeted only at natural persons, who have given their prior consent to this. Other direct marketing (e.g.telemarketing) targeting at a natural persons is allowed, unless this it is specifically prohibited by that person. A natural person must be able to prohibit, free of charge, direct marketing.

Direct marketing targeted at a corporation may be engaged in, unless the corporation has specifically prohibited it. Corporations must be given the opportunity to easily and free of charge prohibit the use of their contact details in connection with each message sent with the purpose of direct marketing.

If Fantasia Works receives from a customer, who is a natural person, contact details associated with an e-mail, an SMS, a voice mail, a voice message or an image message, it may use such contact details in the direct marketing.

Direct marketing and customer communications conducted by Fantasia Works itself may be prohibited by notifying sales and marketing department, email:


Fantasia Work's website uses cookies, including third party cookies, and other similar technologies for producing and developing of services, network analysis and marketing targeting. Cookies may be disabled in the browser settings. In some cases this may slow down website browsing or prevent access to certain pages altogether. You accept cookies by closing the box informing about the use of cookies or continuing to use the website without changing cookie settings of the browser. 

A cookie is a small text file sent and saved to the user’s web browser cache by the website, an application or an advertisement clicked on. A cookie contains a randomly generated anonymous identifier that allows Fantasia Works identify different web browsers or terminal devices that are used while visiting the website. Only the server that sent the cookie may later read and use the cookie.

The Use of Traffic and Location Data

Fantasia Works processes traffic and location data in accordance with Finnish Tietoyhteiskuntakaari (Information Society Code) for producing services, and also for purposes of invoicing, technical development and, upon the consent of the customer, marketing. Traffic data is processed only by designated Fantasia Works employees or persons working for Fantasia Work, whose lawful duties make it necessary to process traffic data. Processing of data is restricted to the extent necessary for purpose of actions and it does not limit the confidentiality of messages or the protection of privacy. Fantasia Work stores traffic and location data within the constraints of the existing legislation. 

As regards position-determining services, cell-identification-based position data (accuracy between 100 m – 15 km) are obtained from telecom companies, and these are usually processed in a one-off manner. Position data are not disclosed to third parties. The technical interface for telecom operators’ position data may be offered to external service providers. These third party service providers bear the responsibility for the legality of their own services and for the administration of consents pertaining to positioning.

Right to Inspection, Prohibit and Correction

Data subjects are entitled to prohibit the use of the data for direct advertising, telemarketing and other forms of direct marketing, as well as to prohibit the use of the data for use in questionnaires and market research. In addition, data subjects are entitled to request rectification of incorrect data by notifying Fantasia Work: by e-mail addressed to

In accordance with Section 26 Finnish Henkilötietolaki (Personal Data Act), the individual data subject has the right to check what information there is about him in a personal data file. The request must be submitted in writing and signed, and addressed to:

Fantasia Works Oy / Siikaranta 13, 70620 Kuopio

or as an attachment to an email at

The request may also be submitted in person at the address above.

Updated 15 May 2018.


We gather information about the use of our services and of the services of our customers. Information about, for example, the browsers visiting websites, can be gathered by way of cookies. Information is gathered about the features of the user’s terminal equipment and about the actions performed by the user on the monitored website.

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file stored on the user’s computer by the web server of the service provider. In practice, a cookie is a small, unnamed, user specific text file, which is stored on the user’s web browser. The server can read the cookie later, hence the browser in question can be recognized (e.g. when the user returns to a website that it has previously visited).  Cookies do not damage the user’s equipment.

Cookies are primarily divided into session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies expire once the user closes the web session, persistent cookies remain on the browser for a certain period of time, or until the user removes them. Cookies facilitate the use of websites and enable certain functionalities, such as remembering web sessions, user-specific personification of web sites, and easy identification to the service.

JavaScript code is used to gather information about the visitors of the website. All gathered information is generally available to the website administrator and other software running on the website. In connection with the gathering of information, each visitor receives a personal identifier, which makes it possible to connect consecutive website downloads to the browser of the same user and identify situations where the same website is revisited. The identifier is stored in the cookies on the user’s browser. The user cannot be identified solely by way of cookies, but information received from the user itself in other circumstances can be combined with the information gathered through cookies or other techniques.

2. What do we use cookies for?

By way of cookies, we gather information about the use of our sites and of the sites of our customers, about the terminal equipment of the users visiting the websites, and about the web browser. We use cookies to enable the functionality of our services, as well as for analytics, and for targeting the marketing on Fantasia Work. 

Monitoring of statistics

For us to be able to provide better services, we statistically analyze the number of visitors on the sites, the webpages from which the users have accessed the service, the effectiveness of the advertising, and the technical environment of the visiting browsers. By way of this information, we are more able to provide users with service including pleasing content for each user (e.g. information, products, attractions, project references, download materials). We place users into target groups based on their browser behaviour, and these target groups are presented with advertisement and content that is in line with their likely interests.

3. Examples of the cookies used on our websites

Services development, reporting on advertisement and business: Snoobi, Google Analytics

  • Measure and generate reports on website usage for the purposes of developing the user experience, content, and business operations.

4. Accountability

In Finland, the use of cookies is regulated by the Information Society Code (917/2014). We have committed to processing information confidentially and we respect the privacy of the service users. Information processing is carried out in accordance with the rules and guidelines on personal data protection set out in the Finnish legislation.

5. The user’s influence

By using Fantasia Work’s websites, which used cookies, the user consents to information processing akin to that described above.

Clearing cookies

The user can clear the cookie history from his web browser settings. In that case the identifier that has been installed on the browser and the web behavior profile based on it are removed. This action does not prevent new cookies from being saved on the browser.

Blocking cookies

The user can completely block the use of cookies on his web browser. In most browsers the adjustment is made in the browser’s data protection settings. The action prevents all cookies from being saved and might cause unwanted effects in relation to the usability and functioning of webpages.

Blocking cookies from third parties

Many web browsers allow the users to block cookies originating from third parties. In that case, the browser only allows cookies that originate directly from the network service being used. The action is performed through the browser settings (blocks all third party cookies) or through the Your Online Choices site (the possibility to define company-wise blocking).

In case you have some questions or you want to learn more how your data is processed by and at Fantasia Works, contact, by specifying subject as "Privacy".