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Fantasia Works Oy in Kuopio strengthens its business operations.

February 2024

Fantasia Works Oy in Kuopio strengthens its business operations.

We are delighted to inform you that we will strenghten our business operations at Fantasia Works in Kuopio, Finland, by incorporating the themed attraction’s business of the Lappset Creative Works in our business portfolio. The business transaction was signed on 1 February 2024. Lappset Creative Works was previously responsible for the design, sales, and delivery of themed attractions within the Group. The theme park business underwent a major change during the coronavirus pandemic when the themed activity parks business virtually came to a standstill and has slowly started recovering.

"Fantasia Works Oy business is based on tailor-made solutions for customers. We continue to supply special solutions to science centres, museums, and shopping malls around the world, and now also to theme park customers, especially in the Nordic countries," says Jere Ruotsalainen, CEO of Fantasia.

Familiar salespersons to help you create unique experiences.

For our clients, the transition is an obvious choice. You will continue to receive support from the same seasoned professionals, Sales Director Jari Partanen and Sales Executive Sandra Truskina. All existing and upcoming projects under Lappset Creative will be seamlessly integrated into Fantasia Works. Swift design and production will be facilitated through direct deliveries from the factory. Our commitment remains rooted in crafting customized and distinctive experiences, whether they be grand or compact in scale.

Fantasia Works Oy aims to establish itself as the premier designer and builder of family attractions in the Nordics. We are prepared to bring about a transformation and collaboratively shape your vision into a tangible and unforgettable experience!

Fantasia Works Oy is a Kuopio-based subsidiary of the Lappset Group, specialising in special projects for museums, science centres and shopping centres as well as themed attractions.

Sincerely yours,

Lappset Group Oy, SVP Sales & Marketing Johan Granholm, +358 40 532 4183;

Fantasia Works Oy, CEO & Creative Jere Ruotsalainen, +358 40 719 3967;

Fantasia Works Oy, Sales Director Jari Partanen, +358 (0)44 722 0380;