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Big Bang Legends

March 2018

Big Bang Legends - Learning Environment

Fantasia Works Oy has assisted Science Center Heureka in Vantaa, Finland with design and realization of Big Bang Legends Exhibition. Fantasia Works provided Heureka with exhibition combining learning and playing environments together with a help of fantastically themed props and interactive attractions.

Learn more about exhibition in the article below.

Exhibition is open 16.3.2018 – 27.5.2018

A prototype of a new learning environment has been opened in Heureka’s Event Square for the class trip season from 16 March to 27 May, 2018. Heureka’s visitors are invited to test and codevelop the learning environment which is based on Lightneer game studio’s mobile game ‘Big Bang Legends’. The game integrates both casual and fun gameplay with content that inspires learning about particle physics.

This collaboration between Heureka’s subsidiary Heureka Overseas Productions Ltd and Lightneer aims at turning the new learning environment into an export product after the testing has been completed. The target customers of the learning environment include other science centres, museums and various events.

The learning environment being tested at Heureka combines in a new way a physical learning environment, mobile games, board games, learning at school and learning through an interactive science show.

Heureka wants to launch game-like learning products which inspire learning in a fun way. I believe there’s interest in a learning environment based on the Big Bang Legends game especially within Heureka’s international network

Tapio Koivu, CEO, Heureka

The game creators wanted to carry out the testing in Finland as Finland’s reputation in education is internationally renowned. The contents of Big Bang Legends and the learning environment have been developed together with CERN and experts from University of Oxford and University of Helsinki. The learning environment comprises some 150 sqm, and offers visitors a chance to learn about basic concepts of particle physics, elements needed for life to happen, the periodic table as well as atom’s structure, role and properties.

Heureka is known around the world for creating unique educational science and technology experiences and we are really excited to share the new gaming collaboration starting in March

Lauri Järvilehto, Chairman and Co-Founder, Lightneer Inc.

The testing utilizes methods from the DIT-Heureka project. The project, sponsored by the Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation, has developed a supervised co-creation environment, in which companies developing learning applications can develop their applications together with the users. Heureka’s audience and especially school groups visiting Heureka make excellent test users for new and innovative learning applications. Heureka’s stimulating environment also offers an inspiring place for co-creating new digital applications.

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